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Plan your best birthday or party with tinkrLAB™! tinkr2.0 in East Lansing is the perfect space to mesmerize your guests and keep the kids entertained. Browse our best birthday themes below for stress-free, age-appropriate, and interactive options! You can book today using our tinkrLAB calendar below.

Plan Your Party

Choose a party theme. Select a time slot. Customize your birthday invite. Let us handle the rest! We love to watch party guests light up with the sights and sounds of tinkr2.0! And we like to see party hosts able to enjoy their own event, as our staff takes care of the details.

Host a Private Event

Did you know that tinkrLAB™ welcomes kids and adults to come and tinkr together? From corporate team bonding to community mixers and more. We can tailor to your needs and plan the perfect event. Send us a message to get started.

Shop for Gifts

Attending a tinkrLAB™ party? Browse our STEAM toys and activities online or in store -- and we will gift wrap your purchase for the guest of honor and have it waiting at their party.



toddler parties for ages 5 & under

All of our toddler parties include the following:

45 minute guided activity  | 15 minutes reserved for cake and food  |  60 minutes of open play in the Learning Lagoon

Price: $200/10 Kids (Allows up to 20 kids)
Ages: 2-5 years   |   Duration: 2 Hours

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dino discovery 

We all know that kids love dinosaurs which is why this is such a great theme for your little one’s birthday party. We will make our own take-home fossils and do dinosaur discovery activities. Register now.

toddler tea party

Tea parties are such a lovely way to celebrate a birthday and make a party really special. This party includes creating and making your own tea party fashion statements that boys and girls will love! Tea party sets are provided as well as a “special” toddler-friendly tea (it’s lemonade!) Register now.

tinkr-touch sensory 

Sensory play stimulates a young child’s sense of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. We know that toddlers love to explore new things. This is a great party for your hands-on explorer! Register now.

art project 

Make an art project using different materials to create a masterpiece. A hands-on and tactile focused tinkr party . . . Make sure to wear something to play in because we might get a little messy! Register now.

Unicorns & Rainbows 

The perfect party for the little one who is as sparkly as the sun. Enjoy a Unicorn and Rainbow themed party full of sensory activities and a unicorn project for each guest to take home with them. Register now.

Under the Sea 

For the little explorers who love everything under the sea. Explore different animals through sensory based activities and make your own underwater project to take home! Register now.

learning lagoon 

Book a self-led party in the Learning Lagoon! This party is meant for those who would prefer an hour of independent play time. Ideal for younger guests and parents who want to be play too! Help yourself to the classroom area for cake or presents during your private event. Register now.

more themes

tinkr parties for ages 6 & up

Parties for kids ages 6 & up include a 90 minute guided activity and 30 minutes reserved for cake and food. 

Ages: 6 years & Up   |   Duration: 2 Hours

sid’s toy hack 

Our most popular party! Come “hack” toys and remake them into your very own creation to take home! There’s no telling what imaginative, ridiculous, and crazy inventions everyone will make. Displaying them all for show and tell will make a memorable event full of creativity, big laughs, and lots of fun! Register now.

Price: $250/10Kids (Allows up to 30 kids) 
Ages: 6-12 years   |   Duration: 2 Hours

take apart

Encourage curiosity and learn how things work from the inside out. This is a party where breaking stuff is encouraged! *No rules* apply when it’s time to tinkr and take apart items that you don’t get to break at home. Everyone gets to work on taking apart projects using real hand tools with expert guidance! Register now.

Price: $250/10Kids (Allows up to 30 kids) 
Ages: 6-12 years   |   Duration: 2 Hours

jewelry making

Whether you decide to make your own paper beads, design a fashion piece, or create a stellar pair of earrings, this party will let you shine. Each child gets to make their own jewelry pieces to take home! Register now.

Price: $350/10Kids (Allows up to 30 kids) 
Ages: 6-12 years   |   Duration: 2 Hours

tinkr art

Using an odd assortment of deconstructed bits & pieces, create your own avant-garde art piece to take home! (Think steampunk style.) Register now.

Price: $350/10Kids (Allows up to 30 kids) 
Ages: 6-12 years   |   Duration: 2 Hours

splatter paint party

Gown up and step inside our splatter booth to create your own messy canvas masterpiece! Your very own gallery show will allow guests to enjoy the art even more. Register now.

Price: $350/10Kids (Allows up to 30 kids) 
Ages: 6-12 years   |   Duration: 2 Hours


reserve your date

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Payment is not due until we confirm your reservation and gather your party details. Someone from our team will follow up shortly. Thank you for choosing tinkrLAB for your next big event!

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