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learning lagoon play space

Our STEAM-focused space has it all. Just $10 to drop-in and play! Play space monthly memberships have many benefits (and savings) for our young and young-at-heart visitors. Keep reading to learn more

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learning lagoon drop-in play space

The Learning Lagoon at tinkr2.0 is a dedicated space for kids ages 5 & under. Play with STEAM toys and activities with all sorts of sensory experiences! We love the ball pit, sand box, boat on stilts, and mini kitchen, and we think you will too! The Learning Lagoon is also a great way to introduce kids to some of the toys we have available to take home. Monthly play space membership at tinkrLAB includes free open play in the Learning Lagoon at tinkr2.0 and 10% off our STEAM toys. When you pre-pay for a month-long play space membership, you can easily enjoy every opportunity to drop-in and experience our explosion of STEAM activities. Below we’ve featured some of our favorite ways to tinkr in the Learning Lagoon! 

Michigan Sand Box

Dip your toes into our real Lake Michigan sand box, full of your classic sand box toys plus dinos to dig and seashells to find! Listen to the ocean breeze, and enjoy this sensory experience.

Rainbow Ball Pit

This colorful corner of the Learning Lagoon is a great space to dive into fun. Sink into the rainbow ball pit and let your imagination run wild! Nearby is Kerplunk, a boat on stilts with colorful pipes for sending the rainbow ball pit balls on a twisting journey!

Kiddie Kitchen

Our ever-expanding kiddie kitchen area offers a pizza oven, grocery checkout, and all the utensils needed to make-believe a delicious recipe or serve a pretend meal to your friends.

No reservation or play space membership needed to drop-in and play!

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