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STEAM Fieldtrip Options in East Lansing

tinkr2.0 offers the perfect space for large groups to gather and tinkr with STEAM workshops! Browse our current STEAM fieldtrip options for students and homeschoolers below. Send us a message to get started!

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Hello teachers and homeschoolers! tinkrLAB welcomes all students to reserve a private event to tinkr together as one of our team members leads an educational hands-on workshop. Our available themes cover all things STEAM, and are tailored to accommodate different age groups and skill levels. Activities are meant to encourage creativity, collaboration, and fun! 

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $20/student
Age Range: Toddler to 6th Grade
Location: tinkr2.0 
2650 E. Grand River Ave. Suite D East Lansing, MI
(Want us to come to you? We can do that too!)

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tinkrLAB STEAM fieldtrip options

STEAM fieldtrip options in East Lansing start at tinkr2.0! Our complete list of STEAM fieldtrip options below are designed for a wide range of interests. Take a look and send us a message to get started!

Take Apart: Encourage curiosity and learn how things work from the inside out. Breaking stuff is encouraged! *No rules* apply when it’s time to tinkr and take apart items that you don’t get to break at home. Everyone gets to work on taking apart projects using real hand tools with expert guidance!

Toy Hack: Come “hack” toys and remake them into your very own creation! Think “Sid” from Toy Story. There’s no telling what imaginative, ridiculous, and crazy inventions everyone will make.

Robot Petting Zoo: Learn to code with Ozobot, make self driving cars with Dash, Dot & Cue and complete simple circuit challenges with Makey Makey. This hour long workshop will introduce your kids to the work of robots, coding and circuits in a fun and engaging way. They won’t even know they are learning.

Build A Bristle Bots: Taking ordinary materials (like toothbrushes, batteries, and pager motors) we will make a functioning moving robot that will scrub it’s way around your house!

Make A Marshmallow Shooter: Make your own Marshmallow Shooters, decorate them, then work on some target practice! Note to parents: Make sure you are armed so you don’t become a target!

Mystery Engineering Challenge: You are given a bag of parts and a challenge. Then it’s your turn to build using whatever components were in the bag to complete the challenge.

Squishy Circuits: Squishy Circuits uses conductive and insulating play dough to teach the basics of electrical circuits in a fun, hands-on way. There’s no need for breadboards or soldering – just add batteries and our dough.


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Please fill out this brief form to add your school fieldtrip to the calendar! Payment is not due until we confirm your reservation and gather your event details. Someone from our team will follow up shortly after your reservation has been placed on our calendar. Thank you for choosing tinkrLAB for your next STEAM fieldtrip in East Lansing!


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