Toy Store & STEAM Hub
Classes, Camps, Parties & Play


East Lansing STEAM
Childcare & Pre-K


Toy Store & STEAM Hub
Classes, Camps, Parties & Play


East Lansing STEAM
Childcare & Pre-K


Founder, Melissa Rabideau

Thank you for visiting tinkrLAB™ online! Join me on a transformative journey of discovery, creation, and innovation. No need for previous knowledge. No need to be perfect. We encourage the pursuit of originality. Unlock your imagination. Enjoy the freedom of choice. Celebrate the process.


toy store & STEAM hub with
classes, camps, parties & play

East Lansing, MI  |  2650 E. Grand River Suite D  |  Powered by tinkrLAB™

drop in & play

The Learning Lagoon at tinkr2.0 is a dedicated space for kids ages 5 & under to play with STEAM toys and activities! We love the ball pit, sand box, boat, and mini kitchen, and we think you will too! The Learning Lagoon is also a great way to introduce kids to some of the toys we have available to take home.

classes & camps

All are welcome to tinkr together at our STEAM classes & camps! From robots and coding to magic shows and painting, there is something for everyone. Check out our schedule to save your spot!

plan your party

tinkrLAB™ welcomes all ages to plan their next party at tinkr2.0! Birthdays, wedding parties, team bonding, and more. Themed packages are available, and food & drink welcomed. You might try the Splatter Booth, pictured above. Guests will leave with their unique canvas and unforgettable memories!

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Attentions Teachers, Homeschoolers, and Scouts!

Did you know you can plan a visit for students or earn your next badge at tinkr2.0?

east Lansing STEAM Childcare & Pre-K

East Lansing, MI  |  2650 E. Grand River Suite A  |  Powered by tinkrLAB™

At tinkrTOT STEAM Childcare & Pre-K in East Lansing we celebrate creativity, accomplishments, and friendships. We offer engaging classrooms, balanced curriculum,  and a healthy/allergy-friendly environment! Our year-round facility provides the option for part-time or full-time care, with financial assistance available. 


STEAM toys & activities

Visit tinkr2.0 and explore our many STEAM-related toys and activities! For Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics — we offer assistance finding the perfect gift to encourage a child’s learning (while having fun!) You can also browse our complete collection from the comfort of home. Simply visit our tinkrLAB™ shopping site.


inside tinkrLAB™

our tinkrLAB™ mission

At tinkrLAB™ our mission is fostering a generation of independent thinkers who together can shape the future TODAY with the collaborative power of self-eSTEAM.


member benefits

If you'd like to turn your tinkr2.0 $5 drop-in play admission into a $30 membership, you can come back all month long! PLUS enjoy 10% on everything in the store, so this membership easily pays for itself.

childcare perks

Next door to tinkr2.0 is our tinkrTOT STEAM Childcare & Pre-K. It's all the magic of the tinkrLAB™ brand, with thoughtful structure and enhanced security. Our tinkrTOTs enjoy free membership to tinkr2.0 to play in the Learning Lagoon as much as they like!

community partnerships

tinkr2.0 offers a great venue for community partners looking for a place to share their services. If you'd like to organize and host an event for the community at tinkr2.0, send us a message to get started!

Childcare & Pre-k

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